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GoodStory inspires and challenges, and from these directions we have built our service offer. Therefore, we have developed specific products aimed to develop teams and organizations as a whole. Our services support customers' business objectives in a cost-effective manner, achieving clear and measurable results.

Our experts can diagnose your company’s performance, contribute to the optimization of human resources processes, provide settings for performance indicators and their measurement. Also, the GoodStory team offers its expertise in developing business strategies, from the design of the action plan, to the concrete implementation steps.

What all these means in our customers’ perception? Access to the vast and varied experience of GoodStory (over 50 customers from 10 industries), a team of experts who can help you implement suitable initiatives for the environment of your company, increase the motivation and retention of valuable employees, enhance team performance.

Furthermore, by helping to create an optimal organizational environment, we can help you grow your image as a preferred employer, therefore you can more easily attract new candidates to the team, with skills and abilities that add value to the company.

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Employee/team/company evaluation

Discover the real potential of your team and virtually of the entire organization. GoodStory experts will assist you in this process by applying specific tools and providing validated assessments. This way we can help you bring the team to an optimal level of communication, collaboration and synergy.

Assessment / development centers

Goodstory consultants use a 4 stages successful implementation plan: analysis of the organization and/ or the department, selection of suitable tools and exercises, actual assessment and results delivery in comprehensive reports (including gap analysis and proposals for development). This way, we manage to build a talent pipeline or help you hire the right person for the right job. The result consists in a real picture of the level of development of key employees, but also in a harmonious long-term development of the teams and of the company.

Organizational diagnosis

The GoodStory team applies specific assessment methods to measure the gap between the organization's current and desired performance. Based on the actual results, it provides a concrete and complex action plan that provides the right solutions to achieve the company's business objectives.

Process optimization

Our experts help companies optimize Human Resources processes on two levels: departmental level and individual level. Moreover, GoodStory translates Human Resources operations into policies, procedures and flows, providing instructions ranging from concept to concrete actions. Thus, the client gain a harmonious and coherent path that contributes to building a coherent organizational culture.

Setting and measuring key performance indicators

GoodStory specialists’s belief is that indicators are the basic element of a performance management system. Therefore, following the assessments made with the clients, we offer consultancy and concrete solutions to develop a KPI system aimed to set and measure individual/ team/ department/ business unit and organizational indicators. The result: a more efficient team, optimized processes and increased performance.

Outplacement services

Our team of consultants assists employees during an outplacement project through career counselling sessions, support in developing the CV and identifying the right positions, mediating discussions between each person involved in the process and future potential employers.

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Learning & Development

Help your team reach its true potential! GoodStory experts have the necessary tools and know-how to offer counselling and coaching programs, courses and workshops focused to develop specific skills for internal profiles, but also programs for leadership skills development.

Career counseling and coaching

The care for the continuous personal development of the employees is a measure that helps to increase their motivation, as well as for the engagement for the company. The employees evolve and develop themselves with the organization they belong to, therefore, coaching can prepare them to face new challenges, including bringing valuable support in crisis situations or in developing strategies. Moreover, beyond the one-on-one or group process, our programs support any team to identify its own working pace, processes and interpersonal relationships needed to reach their full potential.

Leadership development programs

We actively contribute to the alignment of the business processes with the necessary resources and human capital for a continuous organizational development and transformation. We have developed various training methods adapted to the learning style and agenda of the future leaders within the company. Our methods include classroom training, experiential learning, mentoring / coaching, participation in joint work groups. These include an in-depth understanding of the mission, company culture, but also the development of key skills, business processes, and the critical role each plays in developing the organization.

In house trainings and workshops

A well-trained team will anticipate the development needs of the organization, contributing to increasing performance in a short time and with efficient resources. GoodStory experts help increase the team's skills by providing a learning process tailored to each category of employees, depending on the generation. Thus, we offer an extensive portfolio of trainings and workshops using our own methodologies, whose efficiency has been validated in over 10 years of experience of the consultants. Our methods are focused on encouragement, on motivating challenges, being adapted for both the offline and the online systems. Our team of trainers understands the importance of adapting each training to the client's needs. Thus, we develop with the client a structure that combines business and training objectives and includes topics, case studies, exercises and personalized activities.

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Team motivation

Through the methods developed by GoodStory over the 10 years of experience we can provide the necessary framework to increase the motivation of the team, its performance and the performance of the organization. In addition, the entire team will learn how to act in accordance with the company's organizational culture.

Team buliding

Engagement and connection activities between team members increase team’s efficiency. GoodStory's proposal is to make from such events a learning and development experience, in a relaxed, fun way. Teambuilding events that combine typical activities - getting to know employees, connecting with them - with personal development and teamwork experiences have the highest success rate when it comes not only to employee experience, but also to motivation. Throughout the 10 years of experience, GoddStory specialists have developed complex and complete programs, adapted to the degree of maturity and development of the team.

Corporate parties

The Parties and company meetings are an important motivating factor in the life of any organization. Beyond work relationships, an in-depth connection between team members and a higher level of knowledge than a simple work relationship are prerequisites for increasing both job satisfaction and performance. GoodStory customers can find a wide portfolio of themes in our own catalogue, but our specialists are ready to customize the offer according to the needs and expectations of each customer.

Employees’ motivations and engagement tools

The goal of any company is to work with happy and motivated employees. In the addition to the classic reward & recognition tools, GoodStory experts have the ability to implement specific motivation tools that meet the psychological and personality needs of employees. These include, but are not limited to, incentives through gamification tools, organization of internal events, or CSR projects.

Employee satisfaction surveys

With the evolution of the company, the development of the team and its consolidation, but also in the case of implementing of new measures, changing the direction of company development, etc., employee satisfaction surveys beccame valuable tools for measuring the company's pulse and understanding organizational culture. GoodStory experts can evaluate over 50 aspects of job satisfaction and involvement in the company, each of which providing precise information.