Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

GoodStory signifies experts with extensive experience in marketing, communication, human resources and employee assessment, team management, customer service, business strategy development, coaching, learning & development. More than experts, GoodStory means a team that completes itself step by step to always come up with the best solutions that will write the best business stories.

Partener Cristina Udateanu goodstory
Managing Partner
Cristina Udateanu
Partener Cristina Nedelcu goodstory
Managing Partner
Cristina Nedelcu
Partener Bogdan Gioarsa goodstory
Trainer asociat & consilier in cariera
Bogdan Gioarsa
Partener Lavinica Mitu goodstory
Specialist marketing & organizare evenimente
Lavinica Mitu
Partener Nicoleta Nedelcu goodstory
Consilier in cariera, Manager Proiect
Nicoleta Nedelcu
Partener Cristina Pepene goodstory
Associate trainer & career counselor
Cristina Pepene
Partener Ruxandra Finichiu goodstory
Specialist marketing
Ruxandra Finichiu
Partener Andreea Rosca goodstory
Consilier in cariera, manager de proiect
Andreea Rosca
Partener Ioana Taca goodstory
Psiholog, Evaluator si Consilier in Cariera
Ioana Taca
Partener Adrian Aldea goodstory
Consultant Design Digital
Adrian Aldea
Partener Liliana Boscan goodstory
Event Specialist
Liliana Boscan
Partener Ani Liliana Ionita goodstory
Event Specialist
Ani Liliana Ionita